33 Times Tom Holland Stole Our Hearts With His Boyish Charm


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  1. Posted by bpennington1005, — Reply

    Haha, like people really remember that they had homework until it’s 3 AM or 30 minutes before the homework is due and you only remembered because your friend mentioned it. This is the type of person I am.

  2. Posted by youyeetorbeyeeted, — Reply

    This happened to me literally all of 6th grade year because our teachers rarely gave us homework and when they did I would never remember until the second I’m about to be sleep

  3. Posted by sofiap0789, — Reply

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  4. Posted by Gabracadabraaa, — Reply

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  5. Posted by Marvelhappy2, — Reply

    there was one time my friend gave me a book and i love it so much that i wouldnt put it down so i forgot about my home work and thats why i got whooped the next day when my mom found out

  6. Posted by mytrashhh, — Reply

    Yeah I forgot to write an entire essay and I realized while in bed about to go to sleep and I would have gotten up to do it but instead by brain totally ignored it and went back to trying to put together the perfect French frie

  7. Posted by ekoceva2333, — Reply

    One time I had to get out of bed at like 12.30 cuz I frgot I had hw and in front of my door in my pjs at 12.30 came my dad and just with disappointment watched me do my hw

  8. Posted by gryfpotterhead, — Reply

    I did this once, I woke up at 1 am remembering I had hw and I accidentally woke my parents up as I was sneaking to the office, so at 1 am me and my parents were slaving over my difficult hw. So yea I got no sleep that night! 😂

  9. Posted by drpepperjunkie, — Reply

    Okaayy really of topic but is it just me or am I the only getting really annoyed by all the account ads in comment sections 😑

  10. Posted by timmychayo, — Reply

    me: *goes to sleep* *remembers i have homework to do* me: *starts to stress about doing homework while i drift into sleep*

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